When Planning an online lesson: remember PEAR

Teachers Prepare online and offline lessons

Online:Post on school website http://www.swiiit.com

Offline:Print worksheets and place in tray inGeneral Office
Teachers Engage pupils
Mark attendance usingVirtual Workspace
Gives instruction on assessment
Teachers Assess pupils
Submission of Assignments
Return of marked work to pupils
Teachers Follow-up on Learning
Posting online Worked Examples
Scaffold further learning

Action Plan for School Closure Simulation 2011


Time Frame


Staff Briefing
30 May 2011

Letter to Parents
21 July 2011

Notices to Students (via Assembly & Portal)
by 27 July 2011
Through EzAnnouncer, Form Teachers' Period, Assembly Perio
Submission of Lessons
20 July - 27 July 2011
All lessons to be checked and approved by HOD.
Preparing the Students
20 July - 27 July 2011
Teachers to prep the students on where to get the necessary information for the school closure simulation
Collection of Worksheets for Students with no computer and online connectivity
2 August 2011
Teachers are to finalized the worksheets and leave them at the general office. Students would then countersign and collect at the general office.
School Closure
4 August - 5 August 2011
Teachers are to conduct online attendance taking as well as online lessons
11 August 2011
Teachers to give feedback and students are to answer an online survey.